UCHAI represents an initiative to build capacity for climate-proofing of the human health sector in India. Towards this end it endeavours to bring academicians, researchers, practitioners and students from diverse fields including climate science, environment, public health, public policy, social development and urban planning through a resource network and community of practice. UCHAI is involved in this process through training, policy relevant research, vulnerability and adaptation assessment, climate-friendly health interventions and communication to different stakeholders. UCHAI is a moderated open platform enhanced by social media and instant messaging.

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News Update

Climate change News

PM2.5 air pollution caused half a million premature Indian deaths in 2015: Lancet study

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Report Update

Global Nutrition Report 2017: Nourishing the SDGs

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Fortifying against Climate Change

As per the National Family Health Survey for 2015/16, many districts in India reported high levels of anemia, particularly amongst women and children. Such health challenges can become more acute in extreme weather conditions, such as floods and droughts. Given the scenario, what are the possible alternatives to build resilience of the population’s health? 



Past webinar video

Webinar on Preparedness for Vector Borne Diseases

5th July 2017 | 03:00 PM- 04:00 PM IST

Vector Borne Diseases outbreak becomes a public health threat each year aggravated by extreme weather events.

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