UCHAI represents an initiative to build capacity for climate-proofing of the human health sector in India. Towards this end it endeavours to bring academicians, researchers, practitioners and students from diverse fields including climate science, environment, public health, public policy, social development and urban planning through a resource network and community of practice. UCHAI is involved in this process through training, policy relevant research, vulnerability and adaptation assessment, climate-friendly health interventions and communication to different stakeholders. UCHAI is a moderated open platform enhanced by social media and instant messaging.

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Exhibition on wheels to raise awareness on climate change

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India’s Energy and Climate Policy : Can India Meet the Challenge of Industrialization and Climate Change?

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The movie describes the concept of climate change and human health.

The movie describes the concept of climate change and human health. It starts with defining climate; presenting proofs to the existence of climate change; emphasizing the different diseases and health hazards that might result;

finally, it suggests some mitigation- and adaptation techniques.

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