Training - Climate Change Policy HIA Training for Health Professionals
This training by Upstream Public Health is designed for health professionals with experience conducting or contributing to health impact assessments. The training provides a foundation in understanding different climate change policies and how they can affect health. It is intended to help professionals evaluate health effects of climate change policy.
Training course for public health professionals on protecting our health from climate change
World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed this training course to improve the knowledge of health professionals on the associations and implications of climate change on human health and to enhance stronger and more efficient participation of the health sector in addressing climate change challenges.
Understanding the Climate Change and Health Interface - Interactive Version
Climate change is expected to adversely impact the lives and health of billions of people over the next decades. But do you know how climate change can actually affect human health? And what countries can do to respond to this challenge? Find out about these and other issues through the UN CC:Learn’s learning interface on climate change and human health

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