Policies & Plans
Integrating climate change into the management of priority health risks in Ghana

The proposed UNDP project will develop systems and response mechanisms to strengthen the integration of climate change risks into the health sector.


Urban health and Climate Resilience Center (UHCRC), Surat 

UHCRS aims to develop and share the evidence base to recommend more effective health services that improve resilience to climate change impacts on urban citizens, particularly poor and vulnerable communities.


Climate Resilience through Risk Transfer

The main objective of the multi-year RES-RISK project is to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities to climate change by developing and implementing pro-poor micro-insurance solutions covering health, crop and livestock risks in two locations lying in different agro-climatic zones: (i) the Middle Gangetic Plains region, with activities in North Bihar; namely Vaishali and Muzaffarpur, and (ii) the West Coast Plains & Hills region of Beed, in Maharashtra.


Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health

The objective of this first global project on public health adaptation to climate change is to “increase adaptive capacity of national health system institutions, including field practitioners, to respond to climate-sensitive health risks”


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